A Greek island that adorns the Cyclades

In the Cyclades, there is a Greek island that certainly stands out.
You do not often find an island that combines dry Cycladic landscape
and abundant water, lush vegetation and rare wildlife. Museums,
events, and neoclassical architecture. Countless beaches and imposing
mountains. As a result, these geographical and morphological contrasts
make it unique. This island is Andros.

Andros, the second largest island of Cyclades and one of the closest
to reach by boat.

The Greek Island of Nature and Activities

Abundant waters of lush vegetation, rivers, springs, and waterfalls in
the Cyclades

The nature of Andros will amaze you. Rivers and streams, numerous
waterfalls and springs, that preserve the rich vegetation with
abundant trees. What you experience exudes a distinct aura that does
not refer you to a classic Greek island in the Cyclades.

The Cyclades of Hiking and other Special Activities

The island is suitable for many activities during the more significant
part of the year. It is the only Greek island, but also the single
island in Europe with a certified network of hiking trails (100
kilometres). On this network of paths is held every year, a race
called Andros Trail Race.The long association with the sea makes it
one of the islands in the Cyclades you can enjoy water activities such
as Wind Surf, SUP, and scuba diving from experienced people and famous

Beaches of Andros Island

The beaches of Andros are an essential reason for you to visit the
island. Andros has a coastline of 176 km and its beaches meet all
kinds of needs and wishes. There are several beaches on the island.
And when we say several we mean over eighty. Sandy, rocky, deserted,
organised, easily accessible, with sunbeds and beach bars,
inaccessible through easy or "difficult" roads. Shallow like swimming
pools, ideal for family vacations and "adventurous" with crystal clear
blue waters. Actually four of them have been awarded for their
excellent quality of water with the  blue flag   Agios Petros, Batsi ,
Golden Sand (Chrissi Ammos), and Delavogias beach.

The Greek Island of Culture ,Art and Authenticity

There are many museums that can be visited ( The Archaeological
Museums of Chora Androu and of Paleopolis -with important finds from
the excavations on the island,
The Museum of Modern Art,The Kydonieos Foundation, Maritime Museum,
Folklore and Christian Art, The Kairios Library,The Cyclades Olive
Museum), as well as exceptionally interesting monasteries like the
Panachrantos Monastery, Agia Marina, Agios Nikolaos, the Zoodochos
Pigi Monastery and the newly renovated Monastery of Agia Irini.
It is also worth exploring the Lower Castle in Chora, touring the
Upper Castle, visiting the Tower of St. Peter, as well as the
archaeological site of Ypsilis, the only organized archaeological site
of the island.

Also, the Andros International Festival gives this high quality
cultural event to the Cyclades. Also during the year and especially
during the summer there are many cultural events, local traditional
festivals in the towns and villages of Andros.


Get ready to find out the tastiest secrets! Andros produces good olive
oil, wine, raki and pretty tasty cheeses by local Cheese factories.
Regional dishes are Fourtalia, omelette with potatoes, mint, sausages
of Andros and glyna, as well as Amygdalota with flower-water and
almond, sprinkled with powdered sugar will take your breath away!

Finally, we are waiting for you on a Greek island that adorns the Cyclades!