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Βιογραφικό Δημάρχου

Curriculum Vitae

Pavlos Kolokotsas was born in 1947, in Vassilikos Zakynthos, where he lives until today.

In 1971 he graduated as a second lieutenant from the Military Academy.

He then graduated from the Economics Department of the Law School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, the War College and the Graduate School of National Defense.

He served as a Professor at the Superior War College (1993 - 1994) and also at the Military Academy (1996-1997).

He served in the Greek Army in the Border Units, Special Forces (Brigade Marines), in executive positions of Divisions and Army Corps and the Army General Staff, where he developed studies for the modernization of the Army's support system.

He retired in March 2002 with the rank of Lieutenant General.

He has received the following distinctions:

Cross Merit Archangels
Gold Cross, Senior Order of the Phoenix Archangels
Medal of Military Merit, First Class
Administration commendations, Meritorious First Class
Commendations for Multiannual Service B 'Class
Commendations Axiomatic B 'Class
Commendations Service in Second Class Staff
Medal Officer Service, First Class
Meritorious Medal, First Class

Medal Leadership Formation - Great Unit, B 'Class

During his Service as Head of Units, he developed social and cultural activities in the area of the Army and strengthened the social work of the Army, for which he was repeatedly honored by representatives of local authorities.

In 2003 he was elected Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Zakynthos. In 2004 he was nominated as Member of the New Democracy political party, in the Prefecture of Zakynthos. He came first in votes of all candidates, but was not elected because of the electoral system (uninominal).

He was elected Mayor in Municipal Elections of 2014 by 57%.
He is married to Sophia Kolokotsa and has two sons, John, who is a lawyer and Christos, who is an electronic engineer.