Our family

Myrolion was born when a mother, a father, and their son started contributing all they could to rejuvenate an abandoned olive forest to evade the clutches of the Greek crisis.

As a child, I watched as both of my parents worked tirelessly on their IT business. I would spend most of my time trailing behind my father and his clients or following my mother to the office; it was their only assurance that I would be taken care of. Meanwhile, I was learning about the “real world” up close. In 2010, Greece started experiencing the notorious crisis. All of that hard work was not enough to keep us standing. I soon got the first taste of “austerity” – a light word coating a cruel concept.

My grandfather’s words echoed in my mother's mind. He used to tell her as a kid, “Our olive oil’s aroma is as good as myrrh, it’s Myrolion!” Incipiently, in 2012, we purchased a small trailer house and settled among our centuries-old trees. By November we had managed to tame part of my grandfather’s abandoned olive orchards. This olive forest is what connects me with him; a man whom I never met, but who has majorly influenced my life.

This experience was so different from the city life we were used to and thus quite refreshing. However, we soon realized that we should do more if we wanted to keep it sustainable. Besides numerous practical problems we had to face (including being complete amateurs in everything with which we engaged), we sometimes had to face incidents of social exclusion by the locals. "These city people are even going to eat our stones!" said one neighboring farmer to another while watching my mother harvesting mountain weeds for our lunch. However, those comments only made us more resilient and focused. Thankfully, not everyone was like that either. Some neighbors gladly shared their equipment with us and others would share cultivation tips with my father.

Until 2016 I was studying and kept refining my skills to one day be able to start my family business in a more structured and serious manner. This day came in May 2017, when Myrolion became officially a startup that produces certified Extra Virgin, Organic olive oil. A few days later, Myrolion received an award for its health protecting properties and an official health claim according to EU Regulation 432/2012 for olive oil polyphenols!

Since that day, we have been offering all our care to our olive forest and are being continuously rewarded for this. Since that day, we have formed bonds of deep friendship with other families in Denmark, Switzerland, Finland, and other places around the world.

We love working with small, family-run delicatessens to help them deliver the healthiest, most sustainable olive oil to their customers. We also love nurturing families directly, by sharing our olive oil and offering them knowledge on how to get the most out of Mediterranean Diet.

Our family’s olive oil has already received three consecutive rewards for its health protecting properties, but there is nothing as rewarding as making friends throughout the world, through offering them the result of your persistent labor and enthusiastic study.

I love cultural exchange. I love teaching people from far away about my land's culture and to learn, in turn, from my customers—friends about their own unique lifestyles. But above all, I am so happy when I see different cultures become one through Myrolion. Our family’s future is based on three pillars: Exquisite Quality, Cultural Exchange and Earth-healing practices.

With every passing day, we grow by educating ourselves to perfect our products and services: to keep them pure, healthy, natural, and transparent in a profit-oriented market which often leads to fraud and opportunism.

Welcome to our olive forest, come share our exquisite olive oil!




Our Land and Product




Municipal Road of Agios Dimitrios, Achilleon,

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